Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone company headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi smartphones are quite famous all across the world specially in Asia due to their amazing performance, great build quality and lower prices.

The Xiaomi was the 5th largest smartphone maker company in the world in 2012. It has been designing, developing and selling amazing smartphones since 2011. This smartphones has gained success all over china and became one of the best smartphone selling brand in china.

The Company has been creating quality products with great specification including marvelous camera, stupendous performance and amazing designs.

This smartphones are famous because they are providing all the high-end features in low prices. The amazing Xiaomi smartphones are cheap but provide tough competition to other companies.

This Company became the largest vendor of smartphones in China by 2014. Xiaomi smartphones have been tremendous and performed extremely well in every aspect.

Due to the amazing performances and being extremely popular in customers, Xiaomi became the world’s 3rd largest smartphone maker in 2014. Due to the amazing performance by its smartphones, it received about $1.1 Billion funding from the investors.
First this smartphone was released in 2011 and was called Xiaomi Mi1. Xiaomi created its own firmware called MIUI that was used in the first smartphone created by Xiaomi. All the Xiaomi smartphones are equipped with Android.

Xiaomi released its second smartphone in 2012 that was called Mi2 smartphone. Mi2 was equipped with powerful Snapdragon Processor, 1.5 Ghz of Quad core processor and amazing 2GB of RAM. In 2013, the company said that they sold over 10 million devices of Mi2 smartphone.

The Company released its third amazing smartphone, Mi3 that was powered with snapdragon 800 and super-fast 2.3Ghz of Quad core processor. Mi3 was also equipped with the same 2GB of RAM as in Mi2. By 2013, they sold about 18.7 million of smartphones.
Market Expansion
Its smartphones were being sold only in China until Mi4 was released. In 2014, The company announced Mi4 and announced its expansion outside china for the very first time.

The Redmi and Mi3 phones were released in Singapore. All the Mi3 batches were sold out after the release in Singapore. In 2014,  Redmi Note was released that came with the 5.5 inches if big HD display and 1 or 2 GB variants of smartphones.

The amazing device became very popular among big screen lovers. In 2014, They sold 15 million of devices that is pretty amazing for a Chinese vendor. Later then they worked on expanding its smartphones over different countries.
This smartphones are pretty amazing when it comes to quality and cheap prices. All the smartphones are power-packed with bundle of features and the prices are pretty amazing too.

The high-end Mi5 was released with amazing HD display, fantastic speed and huge storage in 2016. The next in Mi series is the stupendous Mi6 that was released in April,2017. These high-end smartphones can compete with any other smartphones in the market by other companies but this smartphones are pretty low in price.