Samsung galaxy is a series of Android smartphones created by Samsung. This company has been one of the best Android smartphone manufacturer in the Market.

It has created some exceptional devices and provided some amazing phone specifications that other smartphones lack. The started creating the Android smartphones back in 2009 with the S series.
The company’s breakthrough
The company gained huge success after the release of Galaxy S3 and became one of the top most smartphone making company. They have used some amazing features and fantastic designs in their smartphones to be the no.1 in market.

Galaxy has been creating high-end and mid-range device since their first huge success. One of the most promising feature that its smartphones are providing is the amazing screen in their smartphones.
The Super-AMOLED touchscreen is so amazing that It provide the most amazing color range and fantastic display in your palm. The high-end and Ultra mid-range phones by this company has this Super AMOLED display.

The cheaper smartphones have IPS display which is good too. Another amazing feature that is provided by the in its high-end smartphones is the Edge display.

There is no other smartphone in the market with edge display. Samsung’s first smartphone with Edge-display was the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge.

After the huge success of that Samsung has been using Edge-display in their high-end smartphones and it has been huge hit in the market.
High End Gadget
Samsung Galaxy has two high-end series including S-series and Note-series. The S-series and Note-series smartphone comes with the top-notch features and amazing displays that no other smartphone company provides.
The Latest
The latest smartphones in S-series are the magnificent S8 and S8+. Apart from the specifications, these two smartphone’s design is the most beautiful ever seen in a smartphone.

The spectacular smartphones are the no.1 in market right now with the exceptional design and marvelous specifications. The display on S8 and S8+ is called ‘infinity display’ that is so far the best display ever seen in a smartphone.

The company has given the best specification to its latest S8 and S8+. Both the phones are having an Ultra huge screen and one the best smartphone camera in the world.

The battery life of both the smartphones is amazing and can compete with any other top-notch device in market. The speed of both phones is amazingly fast. Samsung Galaxy note series is another high-end series by Samsung.

The fantastic note series phones have the same amazing display and designs but on a much bigger screen. The Note-series smartphones are special than other smartphones in the market because these smartphones come with a bigger UHD display and S-pen. You can operate your smartphone using the S-pen.

Samsung Galaxy has been the most promising smartphone series ever created. The amazing smartphones created by Samsung has the design and specification that can beat with any other smartphones in the market.
The Samsung smartphones are a bit pricier than some of the other smartphones in the market but these smartphones worth each penny you spend on them.