Nokia is a one of the most famous phone manufacturer company of all time. It has been the best phone maker company for more than a decade. This is a Finnish Multinational corporation created in 1865 that has reached into various markets.

The name came from the name Nokia town. The Company was established in 1865. It performed very well in the production of amazing devices. Its phones are famous for their incredible battery life and amazing durability.

This phones are considered to be indestructible. At first Nokia wasn’t the mobile manufacturing company, it started creating mobile phone in 1987.

It released Mobira Talkman that was launched in 1984 and was the world’s first transportable phone. After 3 years in 1987, It released its very first mobile that was called Mobira Cityman 900 for NMT-900 Networks. It has many records for doing things for the first time.

It was also a key developer of GSM that is the basic of all of our communication these days. It worked on GSM network and created the Nokia 1011 that was the first GSM phone.

The GSM network’s high quality voice calls and other amazing services including the text messaging laid foundation of mobile phone use in the world. We can say that it was the reason we are using phones today.

It gained huge success on the GSM network. Telephony was being replaced with GSM so quickly that the connections were growing 1.3 million per day. The phenomenal increase in connections lead it release of new phones.

In 1992, it started sales in North America, South America and Asian countries. The company was extremely successful and became the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. After that it solely concentrated on Mobile phones and left all other departments. Then the era of its success began and went on.

Market share

They launched its legendary phone 3310 in year 2000 that has become one of the most popular phone of all time. The success continued and then they released another phone Nokia 1100 in year 2003.

1100 is so far the best selling smartphone of all time and world’s top most electronic product. This phones are the most durable till date.

They then released a phone platform Series 40 in feature phones that was mainly running on Java-based application. It had one of the best interface of that time. Series 40 was the world’s most popular software of all time.

It started working on high-end smartphone that had Symbian OS. Many devices on Symbian OS including Nokia N-Gage, 6600, 7610, N90, N95 and many more.  X6 was the first touchscreen smartphone by Nokia running on Symbian OS.

In 2011, it became partner with Microsoft and announced to use Windows Phone in future its smartphones. Lumia 800 was the first Windows Phone. Nokia’s Windows phone didn’t work because of touch competitors and it faced huge loss in shares.

In 2016, they announced to launch Android based smartphones including Nokia 5, 6,  3 and Nokia 9. Nokia also released the remastered edition of legendary device Nokia 3310.