Introduction to Infinix Mobile

Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong based smartphone maker company. Infinix Mobile smartphones are quite popular in African and Asian countries. This smartphones are made in China and Marketed across 60 countries.

Infinix has development centers in France and Kenya. Being one of the biggest brands in African countries, Infinix Mobile are providing quality products in low price.
This phones are very good when it comes to camera, interface, design and specially price. Infinix Mobile is spread across 60 different countries and very popular among the African countries specially in Kenya and Nigeria.
Dominance and Credit
Infinix Mobile smartphones are dominant in the African market and there’s reason for that. The company provide the best feature like other vendors but the price is low that attract people to buy these amazing smartphones.

It has credit for the creating the world’s first Wefie(Wide angle selfies) smartphone. S2 Pro was the smartphone credited with the widest angle selfie that made group selfies easier without using selfie stick.
This smartphone is giving a very hard competition to competitors including Apple and Samsung in Nigeria and Kenya. Many new vendors tried to be in the Android market but Infinix Mobile made amazing design, marvelous features and low price.

This smartphone maker was the first smartphone in Africa with Official Android One. The company has made a very good reputation all across the world. It comes with amazing battery and super-fast charge to make energy efficient use for people.

Note 2 was a smartphone with 2 days of battery life and super-fast charge to give amazing results. At first the smartphones manufactured had low specs like the Buzz X260 that had Quad core processor, 512MB of RAM and 5MP back camera.

It also featured 1450 mAh of battery and a small 2.6” screen. Another phone of that time was Surf Smart that featured 4.5” inches of screen and 4GB of built-in storage.

Infinix Surf Smart 2 had 5MP of back camera and 0.3 MP of front camera. It featured 1400mAh of battery and Quad core processor. It had 3.5” of IPS capacitive touchscreen. Diamond another smartphone that featured Quad core processor and 4 inches of IPS display.

It had the same camera and 1500 mAh of battery. The list went on and Infinix continue to launch smartphones such as * Race Bolt Q, Alpha Marvel, Race Jet X501, Race Jet X505, Infinix Surf Bravo, Race eagle, Alpha and many more.
Best selling
Infinix Hot was one of the most famous in those days that featured 1GB of RAM, quad-core processor and 2020mAh battery.  Zero was the next most promising phone with amazing 13MP back and 2MP front camera.

IT also featured 2GB of RAM and 5 inches of HD display. Hot Note another device with 5.5 inches of HD display and Quad core processor. Note 3 was the 2nd most search thing on Google in Nigeria, this phone features 6” of screen and Octa core processor.

Zero 4 Plus is so far the best smartphone by The maker. It features 20.7 MP of back, 13MP front camera, Deca-core processor, 4GB RAM and a big battery of 4000mAh.