Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone is a series of smartphones designed and manufactured by the Apple Inc. Apple iPhone has been creating the most incredible smartphones and has been the one of the top-most smartphone making company in the market.
Operating System
The fantastic smartphones by Apple run on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The first iPhone was manufactured in 2007 and there’s has been multiple smartphones with more amazing design and fantastic features.

Apple iPhone can compete with any smartphone in the market in terms of camera, speed and design. The Apple iPhone 7 and 7s are the latest in market by Apple as the most high-end devices by Apple.
OS uniqueness
Apple iPhone brings some incredible features that others smartphones lack. This smartphone runs on its own OS that no other smartphone in the market use. All the Apple iPhone’s have one home button on front that is used to operate it.
Apple iPhone Security feature
The iPhones after 5S are having finger-print sensor placed in that button. At the time of Apple iPhone 5S release, the fingerprint sensor in it was one of the fastest and easiest in the world.

iPhone has emerged as the top most smartphone making company providing amazing camera and protection.

Another feature that makes iPhone distinguish and more purchasable is the high-end security on this amazing device. Security on an Apple iPhone is much better than the other smartphones in the world.
iPhone Virus Security
Each of these iPhone are well protected by high-end security. There are no virus and slowing down issues in any iPhone. It’s almost impossible to hack an Apple iPhone. The security on any iPhone is much better than any Android or windows smartphones.

Another plus point in an iPhone is the exceptional camera. The camera on these devices was game changer but now other competitors comes with better camera.
First iPhone
Apple iPhones started in 2007 with the 1st generation iPhone that turned out to be a huge success. Since then Apple created other iPhones with better design and much better specifications.

The iPhone 4s was the game changer smartphone for Apple. With the success of that phone, Apple manufactured 5 and 5S yet another set of amazing devices with bigger screens, better hardware and much better camera.

The 5S model came with a fingerprint sensor on the touch button for much better security and fast unlocking of device. The next models were Apple iPhone 6 and 6S.

These devices had slimmer design, beautiful color and much faster hardware. iPhone 5C with iPhone 5’s hardware but in cheaper price and many colors was launched.
The Apple iPhone 5.5″ Series
iPhone 6S Plus was the first 5.5-inches smartphones by Apple with blazing fast and amazing camera. Apple kept in mind the demand of big screen and made 6S plus.

Then the most awaited iPhone 7 and 7 plus arrived with the top-notch features and spectacular camera. The spectacular Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus comes with great camera (7 Plus with dual camera and 5.5 inches’ screen) and both of the devices are water-resistant.

This smartphones have always been expensive but these smartphones provide amazing security, blazing speed and incredible camera.